Management Structure

MICROPROD is a highly ambitious project that brings together scientists from 9 different institutions, located in 8 European Member States. MICROPROD seeks to establish close working relations with a range of stakeholders, including academia, statistical institutes, policy makers, policy influencers, firms, etc. MICROPROD will provide effective and accurate management to ensure that each participant carries out the proposed research activities, and that the communication among various partners is timely and complete.


The Co-ordinator (CO), Prof. Steffen Müller, Head of Department Structural Change and Productivity, is very experienced in coordinating third party funding projects. He will be responsible for the overall monitoring and coordination of any scientific, technical, dissemination as well as exploitation related activities at consortium level. In close collaboration with the Work Package Leaders, Prof. Müller will be responsible for the overall management of scientific results, monitor work package status measured against deliverable and milestone planning, carry out risk assessment and contingency planning in order to ensure a timely and accurate follow-up of the work plan and monitor the implementation of the project.

The coordinating institution, IWH, has appointed UCL-ERIO (European Research and Innovation Office, to oversee the project management. ERIO has extensive experience in managing EU funded projects under FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020, both internal and external to UCL. UCL-ERIO will provide custom-specific advice on project support and will be responsible for financial, administrative and contractual issues in MICROPROD.

General Assembly

General Assembly (GA) is the decision making body of the MICROPROD consortium, chaired by the Co-ordinator who acts as the intermediary between the consortium and EU. Members consist of partner representatives, the project managers, Work Package leaders and chairs of other committees associated with the project. The GA will meet face-to-face every 6 months, coinciding with the project meetings.

The main focus of the GA will be on satisfactory and timely progress of the project, decision-making, achieving milestones and the resolution of any problems within, or between WPs or between WP leaders. The GA will also review, and provide feedback on scientific reports produced during the course of the project presented to them from the External Scientific Advisory Board.

Management Support Team

Management Support Team (MST) is proposed by Co-ordinator and appointed by the GA. Collaborative grants require substantial administrative and financial project manager help which will be provided by the Project Manager (Camille Voirin, UCL), the Scientific Project Manager (Dana Urban-Thielicke, IWH) and the dissemination partner (Pauline Chetail and Chloé de Meulenaer, Bruegel). This team will take responsibility for ensuring appropriate preparation and processes are followed in: contracts & legal matters (with the EU and between partners), financial management, monitoring and reporting (of deliverables, periodic reports) and communications and organisation (project web site, meetings).

Intellectual Property Committee

Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) will be comprised of the relevant IP experts from each beneficiary organisation and the Co-ordinator to ensure appropriate innovation management and to assist beneficiaries in identifying commercially valuable knowledge arising during the project. It will be chaired by a Senior Business Manager from IWH. The IPC will meet as IP is identified from outcomes of the various WPs.

Work Package Leads

The Work Package (WP) Leads will be responsible for the management and performance of the relevant WP. They will organise and lead any technical meetings of the consortium members as needed in relation to their WP and ensure productive collaboration between beneficiaries. They will obtain reports from individuals involved in the WP in line with the expected milestones and deliverables. They will assume responsibility for controlling the scheduling and quality of the work, contributing to the technical aspects and providing progress reports to the GA.