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IWH Robot Research Agenda

The rise of robots has been attracted a lot of attention in recent years because of robots’ capacity to boost productivity and to replace and relocate labor, both aspects being at the heart of MICROPROD’s research agenda. So far, studies mostly had to rely on rather...

A Bankruptcy Update from IWH

From the latest IWH Press Release: "Bankruptcies Stabilise at a Low Level; Number of Affected Jobs Remains High" "The number of companies declaring bankruptcy in Germany was very low in September, and no significant increase is expected in the coming months. By...

A fruitful policy discussion

Last week, MICROPROD experts, led by Grégory Claeys and Maria Demertzis from BRUEGEL, discussed about the major interim outcomes and findings of the project in terms of policy recommendations. Were present at this discussion Steffen Mueller, Victor Slavtchev, Mirjia...

CompNet ProdTalks

MICROPROD's partner CompNet is launching a new series of virtual monthly events - CompNet ProdTalks. In a 1.5 hour virtual event every 1st Tuesday of the month, two selected papers will be presented and discussed. The topics will be general, such as: Productivity...

More from Steffen Mueller on zombie firms

Steffen Mueller speaks about structural change in German car industry in various German media.
Click here to find out more (German readers only).

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