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See our updated MICROPROD leaflet!

The updated MICROPROD leaflet is now available, and contains all policy conclusions drawn from MICROPROD over 3.5 years of research. Download the printable version HERE.  

A bankruptcy update from IWH: “Ongoing Decline in Bankruptcy Statistics”

"After hitting an all-time low in July, the number of firms de-claring bankruptcy in Germany fell yet again in August. A new low was also registered in the number of impacted jobs.", says Steffen Müller in the latest IWH Press Release. These are the key findings of...

The first MICROPROD Podcast is here!

We are happy to share the news that MICROPROD first podcast has now been released by our partner BRUEGEL, where MICROPROD research team is discussing restarting the economy in the EU in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and whether or not governmental policies...

“Results in Brief” – Project Coordinator Steffen Mueller outlines MICROPROD’s key findings

Steffen Mueller has collaborated with the EU CORDIS Editorial Team to outline MICROPROD's key findings so far in a recently published article. From creating a cross-country data infrastructure with micro-level productivity indicators to studying how the COVID-19...

The real price of capital explained in new MICROPROD video

Real interest rates, the real price of capital, has been declining for the past decade or so and are expected to remain negative for at least another decade. Why? And what does it even mean? Read the full paper by BRUEGEL Deputy Director Maria Demertzis and Professor...

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