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MICROPROD’s animation video is live !

In collaboration with Science Animated, a scientific communication agency that develops engaging and accessible animations based on complex research, today we have released MICROPROD’s animation video ! This video explains in an easy way what is the current economic...

Long-term effects of privatisation in eastern Germany: award-winning US economist begins large-scale research project at the IWH

The Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), the coordinating institution for MICROPROD project, is hosting the winner of the Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award 2019. Ufuk Akcigit, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, receives the award for his...

MICROPROD’s 1st Policy dialogue

MICROPROD’s 1st policy dialogue will take place in early December in Brussels, and will be hosted by Bruegel. During this lunch event, first MICROPROD results will be presented to the policy makers. The Consortium looks forward to discussing the advancement of the...

MICROPROD Kick-off meeting

The MICROPROD consortium held its kick-off meeting on 5th-6th February 2019. During this 2-day event the partners got the opportunity to get to know each other, to present the plan of work for their respective work-packages, to elect the governing bodies of the...

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