Scientific Results

All of the MICROPROD’s scientific results will be publically available. Overall, 44 scientific deliverables will be prepared during the lifetime of the project. In addition to that, the Consortium is planning to publish a significant number of working papers and journal publications – all accessible in Open Access. Participation in scientific conferences will be an opportunity for MICROPROD researchers to present their work to leading academics external to the project, and their presentations will be available on this website.


Overall, MICROPROD consortium is responsible for preparing 59 scientific and operational deliverables, of which 51 are public and will be available on this website. more >


Peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals will be made freely available to readers via open access and they will be accessible through this website. more >


MICROPROD partners are planning to actively disseminate project results in various scientific conferences and policy events. Presentations given at these public events will be available here. more >