Description Partner Corresponding Deliverable
Intangible Capital and Productivity. Firm-Level Evidence from German Manufacturing IWH, DESTATIS D1.5
Analysis of the importance of intangible capital and knowledge for productivity measurement KRTK D1.5
The nature of buyer-supplier relationships: Lessons from the Central European Supplier Survey KRTK D2.2
Import Competition and Firm Productivity: Evidence from German Manufacturing IWH D2.3
Intellectual Property and the Organization of the Global Value Chain UB D2.4
Import Competition and Firm Innovation: Evidence from German Manufacturing IWH D3.4
Financial Markets and the Allocation of Capital: The Role of Productivity IWH D4.2
The Cleansing Effect of Banking Crises IWH D4.3
Tracking the real effects of monetary policy: Evidence from European Central Bank’s SMP purchases IWH D4.4
Worker participation in decision-making, worker sorting, and firm performance IWH D5.1
Employment, Productivity and Import Shock: Evidence from the European Manufacturing Industry UB D5.2
We Were The Robots: Automation and Voting Behavior in Western Europe UB D5.5
Markups, Intangible Capital and Heterogeneous Financial Frictions UB D1.4
ICT, Firm Growth and Productivity AU D3.2
Imports, Exports and Income Risk IWH D5.3
Technological Change and Skill Demand in Non-Competitive Labor Markets KRTK D5.4
One Size Does Not Fit All: TFP in the Aftermath Crises in Three European Countries EEP PSE D6.6
Micro Data Infrastructure (MDI). Methodological Report on Cross-country Analysis of Newly Developed Firm-level Indicators STICHTING VU, IWH D1.2
Multi Product Firms, Import Competition, and the Evolution of Firm-product Technical Efficiencies AU D2.8
The Effect of R&D on Quality, Productivity and Welfare AU D3.3
Resource misallocation and external competitiveness EEP PSE D2.5
Research and Innovation Policies and Productivity Growth BRUEGEL D6.5
Dissecting Global Value Chains: Evidence from the global automotive industry KRTK D2.6
COVID-19 financial aid and productivity: has support been well spent? UB, BRUEGEL, EEP PSE, IWH  
Individual vulnerability to industrial robot adoption increases support for the radical right UB  
Automated information sharing and supplying multinationals: Evidence from firm-to-firm data KRTK D2.7
Offshoring, Domestic Employment and Production. Evidence from the German International Sourcing Survey DESTATIS D1.6
Distributional Consequences of Globalisation and Technical Progress UB D6.4