Start date: February 22, 2022
End date: February 23, 2022
All-day event
Location: Online

MICROPROD’s partner Bruegel is hosting  online the very first MICROPROD Policy Conference, which will take place on the 22nd and 23rd February.

This policy policy conference will discuss how productivity is affected by globalisation and digitisation, drawing on outputs and findings from the research carried out by the MICROPROD teams.

Several pannel dicussions will be held throughout these two days, on topics such as:

  • Knowledge flows and global value chains | Chair: Niclas Poitiers, Research Fellow, BRUEGEL

  • Factor allocation: how to improve European dynamism | Chair: Eric Bartelsman, Professor, VU University Amsterdam

  • Distributional Consequences of Globalisation and Technical Progress | Chair: Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow, BRUEGEL

  • How does R&D and ICT affect firm performance? | Chair: Reinhilde Veugelers, Senior Fellow, BRUEGEL

  • Measuring the intangible economy to address policy challenges | Chair: Filippo di Mauro, Work Package Leader in MICROPROD and Chairman of CompNet

Find HERE the full list of speakers, including MICROPROD Work Package Leaders as well as exclusive guests.

Detailed programme and access to recordings of this online event available here.